Walk yourself fit classes – Corsham

After many weeks of recces I’m pleased to announce that we are starting Walk yourself fit classes in Corsham! I’m really excited about the routes we’ve found – a proper mix of town and country, with distances between 3-5 miles.

Why should you sign up? Well walking is an excellent way to get fit, plus we throw in some strength and conditioning exercises alone the way to help you tone, improve flexibility and give you more of a workout. I also have a rule that no one should be so out of breath that they can’t hold a conversation – plenty of opportunities for a gossip and to meet new friends!

You can sign up via the Nordic Walking UK website (these classes are not Nordic walking – this is just where all my walks are managed). Or you can contact me at karen@chafing-thighs.co.uk.

Class info:
Saturday 0900-1000
Start – Springfield Community Campus
Open to all abilities.
New walkers please contact me first.